About Us

Hi there! My name is Tami Van Der Veur & I am the inventor, founder & CEO of Savvy Curls curling hair wraps. A few years ago my hair started breaking off, badly, so I decided I needed to make some changes in my daily hair regime. I am a licensed cosmetologist/hairstylist & am educated on what causes breakage; overprocessing (hair coloring, bleaching, perms), curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, rubber bands & elastics just to name a few. I decided I needed to cut out high level heating appliances such as curling irons, blow dryers, & flat irons. At first I became obsessed & bought every heatless curling agent out there with the hopes that they would improve the health of the hair and produce beautiful curls. I invested in every evolution of sponge rollers you could think of but they all created kinky curls and a horribly uncomfortable night's sleep. My results were less than impressive. I needed to come up with a hairstyle that was beautiful without using my hair dryer, curling iron, or straigntener. As a result I created these hair wraps using thermal retentive & curl forming materials to work with your head's natural heat zone & produce beautiful, bouncy curls. These thermal retentive wraps, when wrapped properly, produce glamorous, lush, Hollowood-like curls. You will be amazed by how many complete strangers stop you in your tracks asking how you got those curls or how you wrapped your hair in such a striking style. It happens to me on a daily basis. Best of all, by using these headbands you maintain the integrity & health of your hair avoiding breakage & damage caused by high heating electrical appliances.​


How We're Different

Our Savvy Curls hair wraps are different from anything out there because they are designed specifically to work with our hair wrapping methods as outlined on the "Wrapping Tutorials"page. We have chosen select thermal retentive materials & curl forming materials  to work in conjunction with the heat zone on your scalp producing luscious curls. In addition to the single Savvy Curls wrap we have designed a convertible band wrap for women with layers of varying lengths, short, extra long, extra thick hair, and also for those just wanting an extra row of voluminous curls . These curling wraps are unique because the diameter of the band is uniform throughout, thus producing a uniform curl thoughout your hair. When sleeping in our Savvy Curls wraps you won't experience any discomfort because they are extremely cozy and soft.  You also save time & money by using this curling product compared to curling irons, rollers, sponge rollers or any other curling method out there. It literally takes 2 minutes to wrap your hair and less than a minute to take it out. There is no need to wash your hair daily to maintain these curls. The curls will easily last 3-5 days as long as you re-wrap hair nightly before bedtime. No need to wet it or anything. Just re-wrap hair dry, sleep, and allow your natural body heat & the Savvy Curl wrap to do all the work.​


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