"Hey Girls if you have not gotten on of these amazing Savvy Curls Curling Headbands you need too!!!! I rolled up my hair in this cute headband last night and un rolled it this morning and now i have awesome curls!!!!! you need to get one they are amazing!!!"
"And the savvy curl headband did it again!!!! I cannot believe how amazing my hair turns out!!! I have put my curling iron away! " ~ Jamie Lynn Swim  Waialua, HI ~

"I am loving, loving, loving my Savvy Curl headband! Each time I use it my curls are better! What a clever product! Thank you Tami Robinette Van Der Veur for an amazing hair item that curls your hair with no curling iron, curlers etc! Brilliant! Everyone check out Savvy Curls!" ~KeriLyn Pollock, San Diego, CA. 

"I just have to share how much I love my Savvy Curls Curling Headband! I am so bad with curling irons and could never achieve the soft flowing curls I really wanted. I bought the headband thinking it was so simple maybe I could get it right. I didn't actually expect the results to be so awesome! I put it in before bed and wake up to big, soft, glamorous curls. Best $ I ever spent on a hair product! Ok so...I was maybe a tiny bit skeptical that I wasn't going to get big glam curls since I have pretty average hair. But I have been trying to lay off all the heat tools and I figured it was worth a try right? Anyway, I put my hair up in the headband last night and I woke up to REALLY PRETTY SOFT CURLS! I was soooo stoked.  I was really amazed and impressed. Good for you girl for figuring this out-total high glam look with way less effort than I ever imagined. And not terrible for my hair!  Good luck with this venture, I'm proud of you : ) And stoked for my curls! 
~ Katie Clifford, CO. ~

"Off to pick my kids up on their last day of school, the headband is a lifesaver!! I'm in love with Savvy Curls curling headbands! You ladies rock! Goodbye curling irons!" 
~Meredith Lam Provo, UT. ~

"My silly girls put their Savvy Curls headbands on as soon as they arrived in the mail today. After just ONE HOUR, here are the results!! They are so stinkin' excited :-)! Wrapped my hair nice and tight over night! Lots of curls to wake up to!"
~ Jeniffer & Chylanne Dayley, ID. ~

" Willow wore her Savvy Curls Curling Headbands last night and loved her curls this morning. Much more comfortable than the foam curlers she wore before!"
~ Bethany & WIllow Sweet, WA.

"Savvy Curls to the rescue! I'm off to sub 7th grade Science today. So grateful to have my Savvy Curl's headband for a rushed morning. Just wrap the night before and take out when you wake up. Easy breezy!"~ Tricia Loder, Mililani, HI.~

"Finally....I have a moment in my on-the-go life to write about the amazing Savvy Curls Curling Headbands....LOVE!!!!! So easy, quick, no fuss and such great results. It's my go-to tool and was perfect for my recent whirl-wind business trip. My hair isn't too long but with a little mouse and wrapping overnight, I had great curls that lasted all day. I confess I still packed my curling iron "just in case" but I didn't use it once. Seriously, Tami - I can't stop talking about it even with strangers. Wore it on the plane on the way home and even with no mouse had a great "beach wave" when I got home. Congrats Tami!!!!! Amazing product!"
~ Renee Scott, Fortworth, TX.~

~ I just had to send you a quick email to let you know how much my daughter loves her Savvycurls headband. She has hair down to the middle of her back, and likes to wear it in curls. This means she has to wake up at 5:30 every morning to curl her hair in order to get to high school on time, and the ends are horribly damaged from the heat. She is always sleep deprived, and often will just throw her hair in an ugly style because she doesn't want to wake up so early. 

Enter Savvycurls! I saw your tutorial on Channel 5 and bought it, honestly with low expectations, because most things I hope are great turn out to be not so great. She did it herself that afternoon, wore her hair in the headband to a birthday party (because it's so cute) and undid it to go out with friends later that night. It was GORGEOUS! She has used it every day since, and has received more compliments on her hair than ever before. I just got a text from one of her friends asking where to get the headband, because she loves Julia's hair so much. I sent her the info, so there's another sale. 
Mostly, I love—and so does she—that she can go "no heat" and save her hair from so much damage.  
You have a wonderful product. Thank you for creating it! ~ Lisa Bingham, UT



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