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Single Band Tutorialfor hair length 3-4 inches below shoulder & longer 

 Convertible Band Tutorial: for short or layered hair, extra thick/extra long    
                                                                          hair, or for women wanting an extra row of curls

 Forward Facing Curls Tutorial: for curls facing forward


        Our Promise

We assure you that our hair wraps will not compromise the integrity of your hair. To improve the condition of your hair, abandon  or lessen the use of curling irons, blow dryers, & straightening irons and use Savvy Curls hair wraps. In addition, use a protein treatment once a week & a moisture treatment several times a week. Trim your ends once a month.

For Best Curling Results:  Tips ~n~ Tricks


* After washing and towell drying your hair be sure to APPLY Mousse to hair. Apply an anti-frizz serum if you have frizzy hair.

* Apply mousse to clean, dry hair or 95% dry hair. 

*Take 1 inch sections of hair, or smaller & wrap.

* If you take the wrap out before hair is completely dry, curls will fall out. 

* During exercise, wear your hair wrapped thoughout exercise session and for 10 minutes after until hair has cooled or curls will fall out due to sweat & overheating.

* When taking out the hair wrap ALWAYS start unwinding hair from the back and move forward, reverse of the way you initially wrapped it.

* After you have taken out your wrap, gently comb the the back and top & length of your hair with a boar bristle brush. 

* Re-wrap hair before showering or bathing to keep the curls in. Then wait to remove wrap until hair has completely cooled.

* There is no need to wash your hair daily & its actually better for your hair if you don't. To maintain these curls simply re-wrap your dry hair nightly to reinforce the curls. Often times the curls are better the second day of wrapping. You can re-wrap your hair 3-5 days in a row depending on your hair type.

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold on delicate. Air dry or tumble dry on low.

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